Coding Dojo for kids to learn JS

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This is the Coding Dojo JS developed by Cliff Weng. This is a place for kids to learn coding through Javascripts. To view the overall road map of kids’ coding curriculum, please go to the main dojo here.

Getting Started

    1. Learn Processing for basic JS syntax and structure, and some best visual coding libraries.
    1. Learn React on CodePen, so you can create your own web application.
    1. Learn NodeJS, so you can create your own backend and desktop application.

      Why Javascripts

      Javascripts is used on all websites, so it’s the “language of the web”, plus, Javascript can (easily) do (through Node.js) so many cool things such as:

  • API server
  • Build Websites & Desktop App ReactJS
  • AI
  • Chat bot
  • Trading
  • Games
  • IOT
  • Manage your cloud - AWS, Google Cloud, Azure.

Javascript Learning Resources

Some libraries