Coding Dojo for K6-K12 with Python

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This is Coding Dojo (on Colab) developed by Cliff Weng. The dojo is a road map for kids to learn the power of coding through Python. It provides a cohesive series of learning activities for learners to gain basic coding skills and appreciation for what coding can do.

Overview & Road Map

This is a road map for kids to learn coding.

Scratch - Processing - Python  - Algorithm - USACO 
                               - Data pkgs - SODS - Kaggle - Research
                     - Node.js - React.js  - Hackthons - Start-up

Getting Started

The TOC of this site is on the starting nodebook “Coding Dojo Overview”.

The easiest way to get started is to use Coding Dojo on Colab. You don’t need to install anything, everything is online.

For those more advanced kids who want to launch “Coding Dojo” locally, you need to have python and all the required packages installed. Just run jupyter lab -ip or run.bat once you downloaded it.

Required Packages

  • numpy
  • pandas
  • jupyter
  • matplotlib
  • scikit-learn

    Why Python

    Python is the language od data. There are so much support for data science, machine learning and deep learning on Python. Python could be an excellent back-end tool that collect and compute the data and serves them through a web service.

    Other Python Learning Sources

  • W3Schools
  • FreeCodeCamp
  • Kaggle
  • TutorialsPoint